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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Derrick Bell, Critical Race Theory and Re-Elect Obama Press

This stupid woman posing as a journalist and as informed interviewer descends into the dregs of cover up and racism, lies and distortion. Note Soledad O’Brien’s definition of Critical Race Theory. It’s the first line of the Wikipedia entry on the subject. Obviously she didn’t read any further. Her witchy whiney sing songy condescending voice shows just how stupid and invested she is in this Obama is a god and could do no wrong narrative

Bell“I prefer using stories as a means of communicating views to those who hold very different views on the emotionally charged subject of race. People enjoy stories and will often suspend their beliefs, listen to the story, and then compare their views, not with mine, but with those expressed in the story.”  The idea by the racists positing their vile theory using fiction rather than facts and analysis. “I do not consider my stories a major departure in legal education. The use of hypotheticals is a staple of discussion in law school classrooms. In addition, final examinations are generally presented in a series of fictional facts out of which law students are expected to recognize and apply legal precedents to support their conclusions. Building on this foundation, I began extending these fictional stories to reflect the contradictions and dilemmas faced by those attempting to apply legal rules to the many forms of racial discrimination. “

Relying more on fiction than fact, Bell wrote “Space Traders” in which aliens offer solutions to all our environmental and economic problems in exchange for giving them all the black people on the planet. Jews stand by and acquiesce. The whole thing about Liberation Theology and Black Liberation Theology taught by Jeremiah Wright and Derrick Bell is its anti Semitism. Remember Obama and his family spent twenty years in Wright’s church listening to anti American, anti White, anti Semitic, and anti Christian rants, then denied he ever heard such things.

I’ll be writing more bringing together Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory. They are of a piece. Obama was never vetted. We know the grades of every presidential candidate except Obama’s. We know every little thing about all the presidents, especially GW Bush. We don’t know much about Obama, because we haven’t seen the papers Obama had to have written in college and most especially the Law Review where it’s said he was the editor. How can one be an editor of a magazine and not write anything? This tape Brietbart released was suppressed, as noted in the display of Leftist stupidity and race baiting in the last election, along with much else. This kind of thing shouldn't be the main thing for the upcoming election, but should be a part of it. Obama should be vetted just like any other candidate. It should have happened the last election, but what else do you expect from a press corp that is stupid and ideological? 

Obama’s horrible record as a president, and if he were a Republican with sky rocketing gas prices, increasing utility and energy bills, nine percent unemployment, the whole of the Middle East being taken over by Islamofacists, and all the rest of it, the Re-elect Obama Press would be screaming bloody murder. Obama was raised and mentored by communists, fascists, racists, and terrorists. His presidential decisions are founded in this, and he doesn’t own up to what he is. Leftists can’t. If they did they would say, “We believe in a strong central government and our intent is to control your health, your income, your housing, the car you drive, and what you eat  (legislation recently submitted would limit the amount of sugar Americans would be allow to consume, and it wasn’t submitted by a Republican), and how you worship (if they will allow it).   


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