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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dems Still Causing Political and Economic Mayhem in Wisconsin

Gov Scott Walker

The recall of Gov Scott Walker of Wisconsin has become something of a mess. The national unions and the Democrat Party pulled together a massive national effort to recall Gov Walker because he’s done what he said during the campaign he was going to do. You know, something stupid and irresponsible like paying down the state’s debt and increasing employment.

Where the mess comes in, and I’m not talking about the mess these Leftist goons did destroying millions of dollars of property during their protests and breaking a lot of laws they didn’t get punished for, but the election mess. Wisconsin has a lot of elections coming up. There’s a primary May 1st, and a general election on May 29th. Then there’s the presidential primary April 3rd. The state election board has given two dates for the recall vote, which besides Gov Walker includes five Republicans, May 15 and June 12. Republicans, to reduce costs (these things cost lost of money) want to roll the recall votes into one.

The national Leftist political machine wants two different recall dates. Leftist Attorney Jeremy Levinson: "That seems totally unreasonable and unnecessary and it would change the character of the election." Since Leftists are irresponsible about money (because they only use other people’s money) they see this as a political ploy by Republicans. All those elections and two recall votes are a bit much, in terms of both fiscal and time costs. I know Leftists don’t understand people that actually have to go to work, but this could seriously cut into citizens’ day.

 Wisconsin Democrat hard at work protesting 
When Walker ran for governor, he said he would curtail the collective bargaining power of government employees unions, which he did. If you’ll remember, this was the whole source of the“occupy” mess (literal mess with $millions of property damage and garbage resulting), and yet one of the Leftists planning to run against Walker, Kathleen Falk, said Walker was dishonest because he didn’t talk about curtailing state employee unions’ bargaining power. Problem is there were several articles in the Sentinel during the campaign about his saying just that.

All this stupid stuff from the Democrats, supported by the national Democrat Party, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, national unions, of Democrat state legislators fleeng the state to avoid voting, occupied and filled the capitol building with filth and garbage causing $millions in damage, lots of arrests, some violence, tried to get a judge recalled and failed, then created this election mess. All the Republicans did was campaign, win office and implement what they said they were going to do. No violence, no property damage, no political cowardice.

Of course the Democrats are upset. The state debt is going down, employment is going up, and kids are getting educated. The horror!

All this could be avoided if we went back to states being states, and not wards of the federal government and all the other interventions into states by national entities. My view is there should be no money from outside sources into the politics of a state. Local politicians and the state political party should only get money locally. States have personalities, are the reflection of the people that live there. That gets corrupted when big, usually East coast money, gets pumped in. Unions should do not belong in the public sector. If one works for the government, that’s working for the citizens, and what they can afford. The pay and benefits even without unions are usually higher than the public sector, and if they don’t like it, they can go work in the private sector and join a union there.

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