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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vile Senator Dick Durbin: Cowardly Crybaby

The Dems are so used to going unchallenged by the Press, that when one asks a question that is not supportive and lovingly asked, well...

But Republicans have to put up with Leftist Mainstream reporters (but I repeat myself) that are no more than hecklers. Good grief, look at what Palin and Bachman have to put up with, and you won't see any Dem have to put up with what Romney did a couple days ago. That alleged reporter, Jim Anderson, if he were a reporter what's he doing sticking up for Durbin and threatening this real reporter, Bill Kelly. Kelly is a credentialed press writer by the way.

Plus, here are some charming statements by Demented Durbin, after chastising conservatives for being uncivil and violent. He accused the US Military treating of Gitmo detainees to Nazis, Soviet gulags, and Pol Pot. He blamed the Tuscon shooting on Sarah Palin and the TEA Party, when it turned out the shooter had no political ideology. Of course the downgrade is the TEA Party's fault, even though they've only been around for a couple years, and the Dems didn't pass a budget as required by law for those years.

This is the first time Republicans didn't cave in on everything like they usually do. That's what Dems mean when they talk about compromise; doing their way. Obamacare is a perfect example; rammed down the throat of the American people on a holiday in the dead of night with no Republican votes. Not even RINO's voted for it. Even the vacuumhead Dems can see the writing on the wall. Even Americans that don't pay much attention to the machinations of DC don't want to see $trillions of debt and high unemployment and know the Dems and Obama are the reason even though they blame everyone else and the Jurassic Press does everything it can to cover it up.

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