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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tim Pawlenty Political Ad - Need More Like This

This is the kind of ad the spineless wimpy Republican Party should be running. Unlike the Dems, no one is called a terrorist, a suicide bomber and all the rest of that Leftist vile hate trash talk, but drives the message of failure that is 100% on the doorstep of Obama and the Dems. Reminder, Republicans have only held the House for about six months. Dems ran House, Senate and Executive for a couple years before that. Dems want citizens to believe a movement of citizens wanting reduced government spending, that have been around only a couple of years, and Republicans in the House for about six months are responsible for $14.5 TRILLION! in debt, and the downgrade?  More ads in this style needs to saturate the media against Dems and Obama.

Thank you Tim Pawlenty

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