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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anti-Christian Hate Speech From NY Appellate Court

Our anti-Christian judicial system is still doing its best to kill Christianity. Our secularist legislators and pro-Muslim executive are having a hard time changing this nation into an anti –Christian nation, so the judges are doing their best to help.

The New York appellate court has ruled, in defiance of previous Supreme Court rulings, that religious groups can’t use school facilities after school hours. Of course any other group can. Jews can for the time being, but with this ruling, that too is on the chopping block. This sad sack excuse for blatant discrimination under the “rule of law” is justified by the court by saying they weren’t discriminating against religion, they were simply banning a “type of activity—religious worship services.”   

Federal courts had issued an injunction against enforcing the ban on religious groups meeting on taxpayer funded public property, but the appellate court rejected the ruling of the higher court (really?). That ban is nine years old. What’s the holdup?

The court is a panel of three judges. The one dissenting judge, John Walker: “The majority’s formulation of ‘religious worship services,’ including its shoehorning of a supposed Establishment Clause problem, is conveniently tailored to support its arguments, but leaves no doubt that it is ‘religious services’ and ‘worship’ that the Board is targeting for exclusion.”  

The ruling is being appealed to the 2nd Circuit Court. Let’s hope they at least, if not anti-religious secular bigots, believe in the rule of law. If not it’ll be up to the Supreme Court again. 

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