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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Occupy Democrats, Lies, & Why I'm Unfriending Longtime Friends from Facebook Because of Their "Occupy Democrats" Posts

“Occupy Democrats” has this post. “So let me get this straight- He is a compulsive liar, he is a con man, he is a racist, he is a religious bigot, he is twice divorced, he robs American students with a fake university, he is a billionaire who pays zero taxes, he is a serial philanderer, he treats women like trash, he has the manners of a spoiled child, he is a failure in business with 4 bankruptcies, he has no military or political experience whatsoever."

If you'll remember the "Occupy" movement, it began with Occupy Wall St and that was followed by several other demonstrations. There was filth, destruction, abandoned babies, fights, murder and clashes with the police. Posts by Occupy Democrats are just blatant lies, like this one. This one is tame compared to many. I've 'unfriended' two people from Facebook, and about to do two more, maybe three. It may seem immature or whatever to 'unfriend' based on politics, but the hatred conveyed by this group, posted by people I respect and often have been long time friends, takes into a realm of political hatred and intolerance, lies and destruction I just can't stand. The horrendous ugliness of what they say is no less than the filth of any of the other things the Occupy movement has brought. I accept, even endorse discussion of any issue, but when faced with lies and hate created entirely out of does one have a discussion? This is pure intolerance while claiming to be tolerant. They claim wanting diversity, but seek to destroy with lies anyone that disagrees with their ideas. Stalin would have loved them.

We look at the fabricated lies (nothing even slightly base on truth as any good lie must be) as if Dems are the practitioners of traditional values. Hillary headed the “Bimbo Eruption” task force to cover for serial philander husband, destroying several women’s lives in the process, including a rape by him; that he pays zero taxed is provable BS (this is nonsense like when Harry “Dusty” Reid claimed with no evidence that Romney had not paid taxes for ten years when there was published proof he had. As for treating women like trash, no women have come out saying so. No woman, like in her husband's case said she had been raped by him. Neither Obama nor H Clinton has any military experience. H Clinton’s political experience is riding on the coat tails of her husband. Like H Clinton’s not a liar? Will list below.  What exactly has Trump lied about politically? The bankruptcies were all restructuring, no write offs I’m aware of. Really, divorce is a disqualifier? Damn puritan Democrats anyway.

H Clinton, that the Democrats want to elect president, has the cattle futures scandal, lied about and was not indicted. Rose law firm billing records that were subpoenaed and disappeared that showed up five years later that she lied about. Whitewater real estate scandal covered up and lied about, not indicted. Travelgate that she fabricated lies about the long time WH Travel office staff, got them fired and destroyed Billy Dale’s career (head of the Travel Office). There were never any documents supporting the claims of H Clinton. All the scandals, lies and perjury she's the source of would take a whole blog to cover.

The worst to my mind is Benghazi, 13 hours under attack and nothing done to help them, resulting the death of several Americans. Tens of $millions taken, while Sec of State from nations hostile to the US and put in the Clinton Foundation, her bank account or campaign coffers. While claiming to promote women’s rights, these nations stone women to death that were raped, they can’t leave the house without a male escort, can’t drive, have extremely limited education opportunities, and are murdered in honor killings. Anyone really believe there’s no quid pro quo there?

Then the $millions she gets from speeches to major Wall Street donors, while she at the same time attacks them for being so wealthy and greedy. Not that she’s a one percenter herself. She’s gotten $millions from this. Anyone really believe no quid pro quo there? Neither Islamist dictatorships nor Wall Street give money for nothing.

The estimated worth of the Clintons is estimated to be over $111 million. They earned this creating what? Starting what businesses? Employing whom? She call's Trump a business failure. What the hell has she ever done but be a corrupt political operator? The Clinton Foundations has assets of about $277.8 million. H Clinton won’t release the transcripts of her speeches, and their foundation isn’t a traditional charity, and it doesn’t meet any standards of accountability or transparency. No one know WTH is going on with that.

Then the email scandal. Used unsecured email servers while Sec of State, a Felony. Said she turned over 55,000 emails and deleted 30,000 that were personal. Several of those personal emails turned up later, and had classified info in them. (Some of the emails were intercepted by the Communist Chinese having to do with missiles that they used to modify their's to become more effective. There were a lot more felonies committed by her, listed by the FBI director, who concluded that since she didn’t intend to break those laws will not be indicted. So if you or I broke a law, and said we didn’t intend to, we’d be given a pass?

So compare what was said about Trump (whom I don’t like) being held to puritan standards that Dems don’t practice nor believe in, which this list essentially is, to the 30+ years of lies, scandals, cover-ups and perjury of H Clinton. But her supporters don’t care, and will vote for her anyway because she’s a Democrat and/or has a vagina.

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