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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ted Cruz on the Pope's Visit

From the Jurassic Press nary a word about Obama and the Democrats attack on The Little Sisters of the Poor and other Catholic charities. Not a word from them or the Pope about the Democrats just finishing a vote for late term abortions. No mention of the abortions by Planned Parenthood and the selling of body parts. Not a word about the genocide of Christians taking place in Middle East.  I didn't hear either anything about about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, his shed blood by the Pope.

We did hear a lot about climate change (a hoax), immigration (an invasion), or abortion which has become open season on the murder of babies, which are Leftist's passions. Why is it okay for Obama and Leftists speak their anti Christian message and get support for it, but one of the leading Christian leaders must skirt the Christian truth about Jesus Christ, and give a message to Christians to encourage us to lead a life of imitation to Christ.

Leftist politics infect everything we say and do. What we say and how we say it. I often find myself defending the Faith to Christians. We Christians are being put upon, slaughter in Middle East and political oppression in the West. I had hoped the Pope would have delivered the Christian message and not cozied up to the Secularist message. Pope Benedict got in hot water with Secularists when he made a true historical statement about Islam, but who the hell are they? Jesus spoke against many in power, Apostle Paul was beaten to nearly to death several times, and with those models we're timid about speaking of the sacrifice of Christ, his shed blood and the meaning of that, and the meaning of Sin. Secularists decide what Sin means and beat Christians about the head and shoulders with it. In the beginning was the Word. We need to take the Word back, and proclaim it.  

Politically I was all in for Scott Walker. With his leaving the GOP hopefuls, I'm all in for Ted Cruz.

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