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Sunday, February 8, 2015

White Leftist NYC Mayor, Crime, Cops and Lies

New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, is a cop hater and racist. The racist part is the White Leftist Guilt Trip variety. ‘I’m white but down with the struggle’. He’s gotten officers assassinated, crime increased, more minorities being raped and murdered, with drug trafficking up in those neighborhoods with his attitude and policies.

The two officers that were assassinated, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, is a direct result of De Blasio’s speaking out against the NYPD. He is against the stop-frisk-question policy that has in fact reduced crime. He’s repeatedly said police officers are the biggest threat to black men. He said nothing about demonstrations chanting “What do we want? Dead cops!” Then there was the Eric Garner taken down for refusing arrest. He was obese, had several medical issues, including asthma, the latter the primary cause of his death. There was never a choke hold. Yet another Jurassic Press lie.

Here’s some numbers, not reported by alleged journalists, and ignored or maybe not known (but should be) by the Leftist Mayor De Blasio. The use of force in arrests means the officer touched the suspect, and the first half of 2014 had that reported in 0.6% of arrests. Reading the NY Times and others, one would think that loose cigarette sales arrests (what Garner was being arrested for) was a huge deal, and use of force was a regular thing. In that same time period, 2014, there were no, zero, use of force arrests for loose cigarette sales.

There was a lot of reporting of reduced arrests and policing of minority areas. Arrests were high, bad guys getting busted because of the stop and frisk program. Officers pretty much quit doing that, since to continue opened them up to charges of racist policing. This was a 95% drop in misdemeanor and traffic violation summonses. That would be exactly what De Blasio wanted, his contention being that kind of policing is racist. That would be a civil rights violation.

What happened with that kind of change in policing? When crime in minority areas skyrocketed? Civil rights of minorities were being violated because of non-enforcement of the law. Say what? If you enforce the law it’s a civil rights violation, and if you don’t enforce the law, it’s a civil rights violation. Of course the alleged “press” reported the enforcement drawdown was only in minority areas. Absolutely false. It was across the board, all precincts and neighborhoods.

Threat assessment? Bad guys in NYC were involved in 1,103 shootings, with 1,299 victims in 2013. NYPD shot 17 people in 2013, dispatched 80,000 times to weapons involved incidents, and had 30,000 of those ending in arrests. So where’s the threat coming from? The racist part? Whites were 5% of suspects shot by police; they committed 2% of weapons crimes. Blacks were 75% of criminal shooters and 79% of police shootings. NYPD have brought down NYC homicide rate 80% in the last 15 to 20 years. But doing so is racist?

Have shootings and crime gone up or down under De Blasio’s anti cop White Leftist racist policies and ideology? Measured against the previous year, NYC shootings were up 82% the week of Jan 5 through 11 of 2015 (over same week previous year). The month before shootings were up 12% over the previous year.

Who are the victims of shootings? Mostly minorities because the ideologically driven, cop hating mayor, forcing the police to withdraw protection from high crime areas.

As for distain the police department has for De Blasio, he was counting on the Asians, Blacks, Mexicans on the force to support him in his Leftist racist policies, and was surprised when all of the police at the funeral for the two assassinated officers turned their backs to him. (The NY Times and other alleged “news” outlets reported only a few, turned their back. All of them did. There may be a few that didn’t but I didn’t see any.) Police put their careers, who they are and what they do, before racial politics. Good for them. 

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