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Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Political and Social Trends That May Work in Favor of Conservatives, Republicans and Christians

Democrats, a couple weeks after The Election, are still gloating, often doing it with an over abundance of mockery. Poor form, but to be expected from such an uncivil and morally bankrupt group. I've written my view of what happened that day was a tipping point past which the majority of Americans have decided to reject traditional political\economic values that built the most free nation in history, opt for Statism, and reject traditional social and religious values that provided the foundation of healthy and stable relationships.

I can't give up to the notion all is lost. There are political and social realties in play that may move things back in balance; balanced budgets and balanced social relationships.

A political reality is though Democrats, Leftists, Statists, Socialists, Communists, Fascists have won the Executive and Senate, the failed status quo remains at the Federal level. In 2010, not only was a large Republican and Conservative majority of the House elected by historic margins, but there was a huge increase of governorships and legislatures gained by them. That build up continued in the last election, and won't be reported in the sycophantic Obama Press.

In 2010 Republicans and Conservatives gained about 700 state legislative seats, the result being 61 legislative chambers are controlled by them. Twenty five states (after swearing in next year) are controlled by Republicans, thirteen by Democrats, the rest a mix, leaning mostly Republican. Voters kept to that trend of Democrats control federally, with local control to Republicans. The Democrats, while desiring and working on it, have yet to overturn the Constitution and deny State's rights, so their Federally mandated, debt ridden, unfunded programs can still be blocked. There are governors and legislators that have the political courage lacking in many of the federal level RINO's to do so.  

In the next two elections there will be more noticeable evidence of success or failure, so the choice will be crystal clear. The late great state of California is a one Party state, controlled wholly by Democrats with no Republicans to be found, is $billions in debt and borrowing more, businesses and people are fleeing the state, decreasing the tax base. California is now the poorest state in the Union, traditionally a spot held by a Southern state. Less than a third of the legislature is Republican, two thirds are needed to raise taxes without a vote of the citizens, so from now on they can increase taxes whenever they want. States like Texas have exercised low tax rates, are pro business, so people and businesses are moving there. I've noticed though, that people moving from failed Democrat states like California and Michigan, vote in, once they've moved, for Democrats and the policies that caused their states of origin to fail. An amazing thing. That trend may be changing, looking at the increase of states being moved into the Republican column. (In my state of Nevada, the influx of Californians has changed the state from Republican to Democrat. We have the worst unemployment and foreclosure rate in the nation. Mostly Republicans won state and local offices.)

Regarding social traditions and values, the Democrats advocacy of State funded abortion and infanticide on demand, their attack on the traditional family, an education system with an increasing dropout rate and stupid students, the increase of out of wedlock babies being born, the growth of unmarried women left to raise children (a result of anti family attitudes), the rejection of the Church where family values are taught and practiced across race and generational lines, is increasingly showing the results of social decay that can't be missed. What Democrats leave are people disconnected from each other and their communities. Empty hearts and empty communities; just people with the mindset the State will take care of it, whatever "it" is.  

When this country most thrived, church attendance was high, community and neighborliness was high, taxes were low, marriage was high, abortion was low, birthrate was high within marriage, out of wedlock birthrates were low, school dropout rates were low.

Republicans and Conservatives at the State level must keep doing, like Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John  Kasich in Ohio, lowering tax rates, balancing budgets and increasing employment. Citizens are beginning to notice.

What Pastors must do, is preach the need for and the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, against abortion, and the need for the nuclear family to raise well adjusted, well educated children. These are not political issues as Secularists would have everyone believe, but moral issues. Secularists push the idea these are political issues to keep Pastors talking about them out of fear of losing their tax exempt status. That's a ploy to circumvent freedom of religion. The State has no power to do so.

These are two things Conservatives, Republicans and Christians must recognize and support. Elect locally and advance the causes of religion and social traditions. 

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