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Sunday, October 28, 2012

To Democrats, Women are Vagina's

To the Democrats, women are just vagina's. A few weeks ago they had an ad, since taken down, telling women to vote with their lady parts. In their view women are only interested in abortion and contraception. Nearly all their Convention dealt with abortion and contraception, and most of the campaign ads I've seen are. Don't bother their pretty little heads with things like economics and foreign policy. The feminist movement was arguably the most effective social movement in US history. It devolved into a Leftist ideological advocacy movement, and that has turn out to women being, by Leftists, disregarded as sex parts. Back to square one for women in America? Or will they smarten up and vote for the things that work, that provide economic growth and national security?

This is a tasteless ad comparing voting for the first time with losing one's virginity, which, I'm told, is often painful.

Great parody of the ad.

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