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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Diminishing of Boys and Men

It’s obvious our culture is in decline. My view is this is so because we have turned our back on God. Worded another way, we’ve decided to ignore natural law, and enforce behaviors denying who and what we are. The ignorant self important ideas of behaviorists, sociologists and government bureaucrats is doing huge damage to how we treat each other, diversity is driven out, and kids are being more abused, neglected and untaught.

A quick note about diversity. Secularists want everyone to accept everyone else based on race or socio-political philosophy that rejects ideas that have worked for thousands of years. The result of this social engineering is more division between the races, arguably the worst since the 1960’s. What’s lacking is diversity of ideas; everyone must think like a Secularist. You must think like them, or you’re stupid and intolerant. To do this you must reject natural law. Even more harmful than categorizing and defining people by race and socio-political philosophy, is the continued attempt to make this a unisex society, to be accomplished by turning boys into girls.

I first remember this idea in the 1960’s. It’s not enough to raise girls up to be independent women, boys had to be diminished, and men insulted. Women wanting to stay home and raise children were mocked. Boys had to act more like girls. Now we have an increasing number of stories of boys being given dolls instead of trucks to play with so they will be more like girls. Parents even dress their boys like girls so they can decide if they want to be a boy or girl, as if. Bi-sexuality and homosexuality is being taught in elementary school, not only as an alternative to heterosexuality, but preferable. Social engineering must begin early; we don't need no stinkin' three R’s. Time magazine had the cover story proclaiming that after much research, there’s a difference between males and females. Really, they needed a study to conclude that. All this stems from ignoring natural law, God’s law, His design.

Now we have little boys, doing little boy things, being given drugs to control them. No wrestling, running, fighting, pretend shooting with any object. Boys will still use anything to pretend a weapon if parents don’t provide them with a toy gun. We all grew up with toy swords, pistols and rifles, part of the learning process to being a boy, and maybe later a cop or soldier. No longer allowed. If you’re a boy and do such things, you’ll be force fed a drug and made to obey.

There was a time, in all societies, that there were initiation rites, that marked a specific point of changing from boy to man. Now we have boys in their twenties; men living with their parents; going to school on their parent’s dime until they’re in the mid-twenties. It’s now a cultural norm to diminish men. One result is we have men portrayed in nearly every commercial as weak, stupid and inept (is a pet peeve of mine).  

Even churches, the religious community, have seemingly bought into this notion. At one time, when a majority of people went to church, boys and girls were mixed with all generations. Kids grew up knowing the values, culture and experience of not only their parents, but grandparents and great grandparents. There existed experiential evidence of the difference between boys and girls, men and women, and generations. Now churches are less attended thanks to a successful campaign of bigotry by Secularists; plus being a religious person is really difficult. What’s being taught now in the religious community is this lovey dovey let’s be all kindness, and just get along, be nice, have high self esteem without earning it mentality. Exactly what’s being done in the secular world.  What often gets neglected is the other side of life; standing firm on one’s principles, fighting for those principles, courage, duty, manly honor. Growing up we sang “Onward Christian Soldiers” a lot. Not such a popular hymn now. Churches need to reject this trend. Both boy and girls need to be taught goodness, kindness and sometimes one needs to just kick some ass.  

Churches need to return to scripture. “For everything there’s a season”; boys and girls need to be taught all aspects of life, not just what Secularists define as correct feminine behavior.  Even Secularists know the Bible verse “When I was a child…” They’ve rejected it. We in the religious community need to be reminded of it, and act on it.

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